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Wibu-systems Codemeter Usb Dongle Crack Mac

Wibu-Systems CodeMeter USB Dongle Mac

Wibu-Systems is a company that provides software protection, licensing, and security solutions for software developers and device manufacturers. One of their products is CodeMeter, a technology that combines protection, licensing, and security features in a single solution. CodeMeter can be used to protect and license software applications, libraries, documents, and data on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and embedded systems.

CodeMeter offers different options for storing licenses: CmDongles, CmActLicenses, CmCloudLicenses, and License Servers. In this article, we will focus on CmDongles, which are physical devices that store licenses securely in a smart card chip. CmDongles are available in several form factors, such as USB, SD card, microSD card, CF card, CFast Card, and ASIC. We will also discuss how to use CmDongles on macOS devices.

Wibu-systems Codemeter Usb Dongle Crack Mac


What are the benefits of using CmDongles?

CmDongles offer the following benefits for software protection and licensing:

  • They provide the highest level of security, as the secret keys never leave the device and are protected against tampering and reverse engineering.

  • They enable flexible licensing models, such as single-user licenses, network licenses, feature-on-demand licenses, time-limited licenses, trial licenses, and demo licenses.

  • They support offline usage scenarios, as the license is always available on the device and does not require an internet connection or a license server.

  • They allow easy license transfer and update, as the user can simply plug or unplug the device to activate or deactivate the license.

  • They are compatible with various operating systems and platforms, as CodeMeter supports cross-platform license portability.

How to use CmDongles on macOS devices?

To use CmDongles on macOS devices, you need to install CodeMeter User Runtime, which is a software component that enables communication between the CmDongle and the protected software application. You can download CodeMeter User Runtime for macOS from Wibu-Systems website. As of version 7.10, CodeMeter Runtime no longer contains a Kernel Extension (kext), which means that you do not need to disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) or allow third-party extensions in the Security & Privacy settings of your macOS device. However, if you use a CmDongle with HID or Mass Storage communication mode, you need to configure it to use HID-only mode before upgrading to CodeMeter Runtime 7.10 or higher.

After installing CodeMeter User Runtime, you can plug your CmDongle into a USB port of your macOS device. You can then use the CodeMeter Control Center to manage your CmDongle and its licenses. You can view the serial number, firmware version, memory usage, and license information of your CmDongle. You can also update the firmware, create a backup of your licenses, restore your licenses from a backup file, or transfer your licenses to another CmDongle or CmActLicense.

If you have any questions or issues regarding using CmDongles on macOS devices, you can contact Wibu-Systems support or visit their customer self-service portal. You can also find more information and resources about CodeMeter and CmDongles on Wibu-Systems website.


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