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Realterm Serial Comms Download Free: A Powerful Serial and TCP Terminal for Engineering and Development

RealTerm: A Powerful Serial/TCP Terminal for Debugging and Data Capture

RealTerm is a free and open source terminal program that can be used for serial and TCP communication, data logging, reverse engineering, debugging, and automatic testing. It supports various display modes, such as hex, int, float, signed/unsigned, binary, and ASCII. It also has an extensive ActiveX/COM automation support and a command line interface that allows it to be used as a serial component by other programs or to run commands from files. RealTerm can also control and monitor I2C, SPI, and 1-Wire bus devices. It can work with any serial port, virtual/USB port, or TCP/Telnet connection.

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If you are looking for a powerful and versatile terminal program for your embedded projects, you should give RealTerm a try. You can download it from SourceForge [^1^] or visit its website [^1^] for more information and documentation. You can also find some tutorials and guides on how to use RealTerm with MATLAB [^4^] [^5^], SparkFun [^2^], or OpenLabPro [^3^]. RealTerm is compatible with Windows operating systems.How to Use RealTerm

RealTerm has a simple and intuitive user interface that consists of several tabs and buttons. The main tabs are Display, Port, Capture, Send, I/O, and Echo Port. Each tab has different options and settings that allow you to configure and control the terminal program. Here is a brief overview of each tab:

  • Display: This tab shows the data received or sent by the terminal in different formats. You can select the display mode, such as ASCII, Hex, or Binary. You can also adjust the font size, color, and style. You can also enable or disable the status bar, the toolbar, and the half duplex mode.

  • Port: This tab allows you to select and open the serial port or TCP connection that you want to use. You can specify the port number, baud rate, parity, data bits, stop bits, and flow control for serial communication. You can also enter the IP address and port number for TCP communication. You can also test the port by sending a break signal or toggling the DTR and RTS lines.

  • Capture: This tab allows you to capture and save the data received or sent by the terminal to a file. You can specify the file name, location, format, and size. You can also enable or disable the capture mode, append mode, timestamp mode, and sync mode. You can also view the captured data in a separate window.

  • Send: This tab allows you to send data or commands to the terminal. You can enter the data manually in the text box or load it from a file. You can also specify the format, delimiter, repeat mode, and delay for sending data. You can also use shortcuts and hotkeys to send predefined strings or commands.

  • I/O: This tab allows you to control and monitor the I2C, SPI, and 1-Wire bus devices connected to the terminal. You can select the bus type, speed, address, and mode. You can also send and receive data or commands to the bus devices using hex or ASCII format.

  • Echo Port: This tab allows you to use a second serial port or TCP connection as an echo port. This means that any data received by the main port will be sent to the echo port and vice versa. This can be useful for bridging between two ports or devices or for monitoring the communication between them.

RealTerm also has a menu bar that provides access to more options and features such as ActiveX/COM automation, command line interface, terminal emulation modes, CRC and checksum calculations, phone unlocking support, help files, and more.

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