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Confirmation, sometimes known as Church Membership, can be an important step in our journey of faith.

One of the ways we show our progress in the Chrisian faith is through a service of confirmation. This is particularly relevant if we were baptised as a baby or a young child and we may now feel ready to 'confirm' those promises for ourselves that were once made by our parents or carers.


You are invited to attend a membership course of 4 sessions which explores diffrent aspects of Church and Christian life. These include:

1. What do we Believe?

2. Worship and the Sacraments

3. Church Structures

4. How do I fit in?

Confirmation, or Membership, follows on from Baptism. If you have not been Baptised before then this can happen at the same time.

A special Service of Confirmation or Membership usually takes place after the membership course where important promises are made to God and to God's people.

Please contact the minister (see below) for more information.

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