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Hurst Hill Performers & Pantomime Group

Fridays - 6.00pm - 8.00pm


Hurst Hill Performers

A weekly performing arts group for young people from 5 years of age. Young people work together to perform shows throughout the year, some of which are in combination with Hurst Hill Pantomime Players. Individuals are encouraged to develop and grow in the sphere of Performing Arts, encompassing Drama, Dance and Singing (though, you do not have to be proficient or excel in these areas to attend). All are welcome, there is always a place for you. You will be supported and nurtured and not placed under pressure to perform - backstage crew are just as important. In 2018/2019 Hurst Hill Performers won the Creativity Award in the Dudley Youth Council Awards and were runner up in a further 2 categories.

Hurst Hill Pantomime Players

A group of which Hurst Hill Performers form part of. They write, produce and perform an annual pantomime to raise much needed funds for the upkeep of the church. They meet weekly as part of the above group during the ‘Pantomime Season’.

It is open to anyone from 5 years of age, with no upper limit. It enables individuals, whatever their age, to come together and perform in their annual show, attended by families/friends and the Community as a whole.

In 2020, Hurst Hill Performers/Pantomime Players were shortlisted for the Cedrick Hardwicke Award for Arts in the Mayors Civic Awards. Due to Covid, these awards were held in November 2021, where Des Coleman, the actor, singer, and weather presenter announced we had WON!

As well as the church, other charities are supported throughout the year with previous donations being made to Black Country Food Bank, Woodsetton Charitable Trust and other worthy causes.

Contact Kate for more information - Tel.  07463946650

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